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English for Everyday Activities 58-60

58. Going to a Birthday Party

  • Before the party,I wrap a present for my friend…
  • …and sign a card for him.
  • At the party,I give him the present and the card.
  • Someone lights the candles on the birthday cake.
  • We all sing “Happy Birthday”…
  • and Leo blows out the candles.
  • He opens his birthday presents…
  • …and then everyone eats cake and ice cream.

59. Going to a Dinner Party

  • Dan(the host) greets Tom and Jenny(the guests) at the door.
  • They give him a bottle of wine they brought.
  • Inside在里面,they say hello to some people they know.
  • Dan introduces them to some people.
  • They shake hands…
  • …and make some small talk.
  • They have their dinner.
  • At the end of the evening, the guests say goodnight and thank Dan.
  • Glad you could come.
  • Thanks,Jenny,but you didn’t have to bring anything. 谢谢,珍妮,但你不必带任何东西。
  • Good to see you.
  • Tom,Jenny,I’d like to meet Sharon Melton and her husband,John.
  • Glad to meet you, John.
  • Same here,Tom
  • Sure was a hot one today.

60. Going to a Movie

  • We found out where and when to movie was showing.
  • We bought tickets at the box office…
  • …and some popcorn at the snack counter.
  • The ticket-taker tore撕 撕破 撕毁 our tickets and gave us back the stubs存根.
  • We went to our seats.
  • We watched previews of coming attractions.

  • Then we saw the main feature.
  • At the end,we watched the credits. 最后,我们观看了片尾字幕。