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English for Everyday Activities 52-54

52. Answering a Telephone

  • Kate heard the phone ringing…
  • …and picked up the receiver.
  • She answered the phone by saying hello…
  • …and then let the caller speak.
  • They talked for a while…
  • …and then she hung up.

If it’s Wrong number:

  • Kate didn’t know the person the caller asked for.
  • She told him that he had a wrong number.
  • He apologized and hung up.

53. Leaving a Message

  • I asked to spead to Dan…
  • …but he wasn’t available.
  • I identified myself and asked her to take a message.
  • She agreed and asked me to repeat my name.
  • I repeated it…
  • …and spelled my last name.
  • I also left my number…
  • …and asked that he call me back.

54. Taking a Message

  • Pam answered the phone…
  • …and the caller asked for Dan.
  • She said he wasn’t available and offered to take a message.
  • The caller left a message for Dan.
  • Pam wrote the message on some notepaper…
  • …and put it next to the phone.
  • Later,Dan got the message…
  • …and returned Lester’s call.