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English for Everyday Activities 11-14

11. Leaving the House

  • Tom puts on a jacket…
  • …and zips it up.
  • He puts on his shoes and ties them.
  • He picks up his keys and wallet…
  • …and puts them in his pockets.
  • He picks up his backpack.
  • Then he says goodbye to Jenny.
  • He opens the door…
  • …steps outside…
  • …and shuts the door.

12. Taking a Bus

  • Jenny checked her bus schedule.
  • Her bus-a Number 77-was due at eight-twenty.
  • She walked to the bus stop…
  • …and sat on a bench to wait for the bus.
  • The bus arrived on time(at eight-twenty)
  • The driver opened the door…
  • …and Jenny got on the bus.
  • She showed the driver her bus pass.
  • Other passengers paid their fare车费.
  • All the seats were full,so Jenny stood in the aisle过道.
  • Jenny sat down and read a book while she rode the bus乘坐公共汽车.
  • Near her stop,she pressed a button…
  • …to ring the “stop” signal.
  • She walked to the exit…
  • …and got off at her stop.

13. Starting Out 开始

  • Kate sat in the driver’s seat and her friends sat in the passenger seats.
  • Kate adjusted her seat and the rear-view mirror.
  • She buckled her seat belt.
  • Kate put the key into the ignition/ˌɪɡˈnɪʃən/ 点火 点火器,…
  • …turned the key…
  • …and started the car.
  • She looked over her shoulder…
  • …and backed out of the driveway车道.

14. Operating a Car

Shifting Gears

  • Kate stepped on the clutch离合器 pedal踏板,…
  • …shifted into gear,… 换档
  • …and took her foot off the clutch.

Speeding Up/Slowing Down

  • To go faster,Kate pressed the accelerator油门.
  • As the car speeded up,…
  • …she shifted into a higher gear.
  • To slow down,Kate let up on the accelerator…
  • …and shifted into a lower gear.
  • The car slowed down.


Kate stepped on the brake.


  • Kate put her turn signal on… 凯特打开了转向灯
  • …and turned the steering wheel. 并转动方向盘
  • When it got dark,she turned on the lights.
  • When it rained,she turned on the windshield挡风玻璃 wipers雨刮器.

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