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English for Everyday Activities 1-3

今天在网上看到《English for Everyday Activities》这本书,这本书是基于日常的场景来教授英语的,所以比较实用

1.First Thing in the Morning

  • Dan’s alarm clock rings
  • ..and he wakes up
  • He gets out of bed.
  • He goes into the bathroom.
  • After using the toilet and flushing it…
  • ..he washes his hands.
  • He brushes his teeth
  • …shaves…
  • and takes a shower
  • He dries himself off with a towel.
  • The he brushes his hair.
  • He gets dressed
  • He makes breakfast
  • …and eats it
  • The he leaves the apartment

2.Brushing your teeth/flossing 用牙线

  • Jenny runs some water over her toothbrush.
  • She squeezes toothpaste牙膏 onty her toothbrush.
  • She moves her toothbrush up and down…
  • …and back and forth.
  • To rinse her moush,she takes some water…
  • …swishes it back and forth in her moush…
  • …and spits it into the sink.
  • She rinses冲洗 off here toothbrush.
  • Then she puts it back in the toothbrush rack架子.
  • faucet 水龙头
  • tube 管子

She flosses her teeth by

  • pulling out a long piece of floss…
  • slipping it between her teeth…
  • …and moving it back and forth and up and down.

3. Taking a shower

  • Dan pulls the shower curtain窗帘 shut关闭.
  • By turning the knob/ˈnɑb/ 旋钮 ,he turns the water on.
  • He washes his hair with shampoo/ʃæmˈpu/ 洗发水,香波
  • …and the rest of其余的 his body with soap.
  • The he rinses off with water.
  • After turning the water off…
  • …he steps out of the shower.
  • He takes a towel/ˈtaʊəɫ/ 毛巾 from the towel rack.
  • Then he dries himself off.
  • He wraps a towel around himself…
  • …and he dries his hair.
  • He puts some deodorant/diˈoʊdɝənt/ 除臭剂 under his arms.
  • bathmat 浴垫
  • shower head 淋浴喷头
  • A deodorant is something that takes away bad smells.