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English for Everyday Activities 15-17

15. Driving Along

  • At an intersection马路口 Kate stopped for a red light.
  • When the light turned green,she went ahead.
  • Once,she went over the speed limit.
  • A police officer stopped her and gave her a ticket.
  • At the end of her trip,she parked…
  • …and turned the car off.
  • Kate and her friends got out of the car…
  • …and Kate locked it.

Some Things Drivers Do

  • Changeing lanes车道
  • Turning left
  • Turning right
  • Going straight
  • Getting on (entering) a freeway 上(进入)高速公路
  • Getting off (exiting) a freeway
  • Yielding right of way 让路权
  • Passing someone
  • Pulling over to the side of the road 把车停到路边

Stopping for Gas 停车加油

  • Kate pulled into a gas station…
  • and pulled up to a pump. 并拉到泵上
  • She told the attendant服务员 what kind of gas she wanted and how much
  • He pumped the gas for her…
  • …and checked the oil.
  • Then she paid him.
  • Unleaded 无铅

16. Taking a Train

  • Tom bought a ticket from the ticket machine.
  • Other passengers bought tickets at the ticket window.
  • Tom inserted his ticket into the slot in the turnstile/ˈtɝnˌstaɪɫ/ 闸机.
  • The gate opened and Tom walked through.
  • He followed the signs to his gate.
  • He waited on the platform next to the track轨道.
  • After his train arrived, he got on.
  • The train was crowded so he had to stand.
  • His station was announced…
  • …and he got off the train.

17. Taking a Taxi

  • Pam hailed招呼 a taxi.
  • She got into the back seat…
  • …and told the driver where she wanted to go.
  • He started the meter仪表.
  • She checked the meter a few times.
  • During the ride,she gave the driver directions. 在乘车过程中,她给司机指路。
  • She told him where to stop.
  • She paid the fare and gave hime a tip.
  • Pull over by靠边停车 that red car.

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