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English for Everyday Activities 18-19

18. Walking Somewhere

  • Dan walked on the sidewalk人行道.
  • Sometimes he stepped over dirt or puddles水坑.
  • Once,he tripped绊倒 on a crack裂缝 in the sidewalk.
  • At a corner, he stopped at the curb路边 and waited for traffic to pass.
  • Then he crossed the street by walking步行 in the crosswalk人行横道.
  • Once he took a shortcut捷径 across a parking lot 一个停车场.
  • When he could,he ran because he was late.
  • He crossed a busy street by using a pedestrain行人 overpass立交桥 人行天桥.

19. Riding a Bicycle

  • I put on my helmet头盔.
  • I held the handlebars..
  • …and swung甩,摆 my leg over the bike.
  • I started pedaling踏板 and the bike moved.
  • …To go uphill上坡
  • …I shifted into a lower gear齿轮.
  • To slow down, I squeezed挤,按下,拉下 the brakes.
  • Finally, I got off my bike…
  • …and locked it up in a bike rack 在自行车架上(就是户外常见的放置自行车架的装置,可以让车不倒的).