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English for Everyday Activities 20-22

20. Returning Home

To an Apartment

  • Dan got back to his building.
  • He checked his mailbox and took out his mail.
  • Then he took an evevator电梯 up to his floor.
  • He walked down the hall to his apartment. 他沿着走廊走向他的公寓。
  • He opened his door and went inside.

Taking an Elevator

  • Pressing the “up” button
  • Waiting for the elevator.
  • Getting on the elevator
  • Choosing a floor
  • Getting off the elevator

To a House

  • I got back to my house.
  • I walked up the steps to my front door.
  • I unlocked it with my house key…
  • …and then opened the door by turning the doorknob/ˈdurnɑb/ 门把手.
  • I set my bag down.
  • I hung my coat up in the front closet…
  • …and took off my shoes.
  • I picked up my mail.
  • Then I went into the living room…
  • …and checked for messages on the answering machine
  • Then I changed clothes.
  • I took off my work clothes…
  • …and changed into some casual clothes.

21. Making a Salad

  • Pual rinsed some lettuce生菜 莴苣 莴 by running water over it…
  • …and drained it in a colander滤器.
  • He also rinsed some tomatoes and cucumbers黄瓜
  • …and sliced them with a knife on a cutting board.
  • He mixed the lettuce and the cucumber in a salad bowl…
  • …and laid the tomato slices on top.
  • Then he sprinkled撒 洒 喷 some grated cheese磨碎的奶酪 on the salad.
  • He poured some dressing沙拉酱 on his salad.

22. Preparing Vegetables

  • Kate peeled剥 削皮 some carrots,
  • …and sliced them.
  • She also chopped切碎 up some broccoli西兰花,花椰菜.
  • She threw the stalk away…
  • …and rinsed the broccoli.
  • She put some water in a saucepan平底锅
  • …and put a steamer basket一个蒸笼 inside.
  • Then she put the vegetables in the basket.
  • She put a lid盖子 on the saucepan and lit the burner点火 under it. The water boiled and steamed the vegetables蒸蔬菜.
  • florets 小花
  • lit 点亮

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