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English for Everyday Activities 23-24

23. Making Spaghetti /spəˈɡɛti/ 意大利面

  1. Kate diced/ˈdaɪst/ 切 an onion…
  2. …and fried it with some ground beef in a frying pan.
  3. As the beef-and-onion mixture fried,she stirred搅拌 it.
  4. When the meat was brown,she turned off the burner.
  5. she poured the fat脂肪 off into a can.
  6. She heated two cans of tomato sauce in a saucepan.
  7. She added the mixture of beef and onions…
  8. …and stirred it into the sauce with some spices香料.
  9. When it started to boil…
  10. …she turned down the heat and let the sauce simmer/ˈsɪmɝ/ 煨 炖 熬.
  11. In another pan,she boiled some water.
  12. She put some spaghetti into the boiling water…
  13. …and boiled it until it was tender柔软.
  14. In a colander,she drained the spaghetti.
  15. After putting the spaghetti on a plate,she ladled some saucee over it.
  • spatula 抹刀 炒菜铲

24. Cooking Rice

  • Pual measured out one cup of rice…
  • …and poured it into a pot.
  • To rinse the rice,he put some water in the pot.
  • He poured off the water to get rid of the dirt and husks外壳.
  • Then he measured out tow cups of clean water and poured it into the pot.
  • He put a lid盖子 on the pot…
  • and heated the water.
  • When it started boiling,he turned down the flame火焰.
  • After about 15 minutes, he checked the rice.
  • He decided it was ready to eat.

Let’s see if this is ready.