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English for Everyday Activities 25-27

25. Eating Dinner

Pual and kate Set the Table

  • Everyone sat down at the table.
  • They put their napkins on their laps膝部.
  • Pual helped himself to some salad… 普尔自己吃了一些沙拉……
  • …and passed the serving dish to Kate.
  • Then they helped themselves to the food. 然后他们自己去拿食物。
  • As they ate,they talked.
  • Pual had a second helping of spaghetti.
  • After the main course,they had some dessert甜点.
  • coffee cup
  • salad bowl
  • napkin 餐巾(这里取餐巾之意),尿布
  • fork
  • plate
  • knife
  • spoon
  • glass
  • saucer 碟子

26. Clearing the Table

After everyone was done,Pual and Kate offered to clear the table.

  • They stacked up the dirty dishes,…
  • …and carried them to the kitchen.
  • They took the serving dishes off the table…
  • …and put the leftovers into containers,…
  • …which they put into the refrigerator.
  • They scraped the scraps from the plates into the garbage.
  • Then they wiped the table off…
  • …and threw the scraps and crumbs from the table into the garbage.
  • clean up
  • leftovers 剩菜
  • scraps 废料

27. Doing Dishes

  • Pual put the plug into the drain in the sink. 将塞子插入水槽的排水管中。
  • Then he filled the sink with water.
  • He put some dish soap into the water.
  • He washed the dirty dishes.
  • He scrubbed擦洗 some very dirty dishes.
  • Then he rinsed the dishes.
  • He put the wet dishes in the dish rack…
  • …where the water dripped off them.
  • Then he pulled the plug from the sink…
  • …and the dirty water went down the drain.
  • He dried the dishes with a towel毛巾
  • …and then put the dishes away.
  • plug 塞子

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