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English for Everyday Activities 28-30

28. Playing a CD (Compact Disc)

  • I chose a CD from the shelf.
  • Holding the disc at the edge,…
  • …I took it out of the case.
  • Then I loaded the disc into the tray.
  • I picked up the remote…
  • …and punched in the number of the track I wanted to listen to.
  • I listened to the music.
  • Finally, I ejected the CD.

29. Using a Personal Cassette Player

  • I put a cassette (a tape) into the player.
  • I plugged the earphones into the jack…
  • …and put them on.
  • Then I started the tape.
  • I adjuested the volume-turned it up to make the music louder…
  • …and turned it down to make the music softer.
  • When I was done listening,I took the tape out…
  • …and put it back in the case.

30. Reading

Reading a Book

  • Pam opened the book to her bookmark.
  • She turned the pages as she read.
  • When she saw a word she didn’t know…
  • …she looked it up in a dictionary.
  • When she finished reading,she closed the book.

Reading a Magazine

  • Pam picked up the latest issue of Everyone magazine.
  • She looked at some of the ads.
  • Then she flipped through the magazine…
  • …until she found an interesting article.
  • She read the article…
  • …and looked at the pictures.
  • caption 说明文字