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English for Everyday Activities 31-33

31. Watching Television

  • Tom picked up the remote for the TV…
  • …and turned the TV on.
  • A game show was on.
  • Tom didn’t want to watch it…
  • …so he used the remote …
  • …to change channels.
  • He turned up the volume so he could hear better.
  • During a commerial…
  • …he went to the kitchen for a snack.
  • He watched the news,…
  • …and when it ended,…
  • …he turned the TV off.

32. Watching a Video

  • Jenny rented a video from a video store.
  • At home,she took the tape out of the case.
  • With the remote ,she switched to the video setting…
  • …and turned the VCR on.
  • She loaded the video into it…
  • …and started the tape.
  • SHe and Tom watched the video.
  • To see something again,they rewound/rɪwˈa‍ʊnd/ 倒带 the tape.
  • Jenny paused it when Tome left for a minute.
  • At the end of the video,she stopped the tape,…
  • …rewound and ejected it.
  • Later,she returned it to the store.

33. Babysitting保姆

Tom babysat his cousins-took care of them while their parents were gone.

  • Tom’s aunt and uncle dropped the children off at Tom’s house.
  • Tom took them to a playgroud.
  • Back at Tom’s house,they played with blocks木块,…
  • …drew pictures with crayons/ˈkreɪˌɑn/ 蜡笔
  • …and put a puzzle together.
  • Tom changed the baby’s diaper/ˈdaɪpɝ/尿布
  • and put them to bed in the crib/ˈkrɪb/ 婴儿床.
  • The other children took a bath.
  • Tom read them a story…
  • …and they watched a cartoon on TV.
  • Later,their parents picked the children up.