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English for Everyday Activities 34-36

34. Going to Bed

  • When it got late…
  • …Jenny yawned/ˈjɔnd/打哈欠.
  • She said goodnight to her parents.
  • She went upstairs to her room…
  • …and changed into her nightgown.
  • She hung some of her clothes up in the closet…
  • …and put her dirty clothes in the laundry basket在洗衣篮里.
  • She brushed her teeth…
  • …washed her face,…
  • …and used the toilet.
  • After turning on her bedside lamp,…
  • …she turned off the room light.
  • She pulled back the covers…
  • …and got into bed.
  • She set her alarm clock…
  • …and put it on her nightstand.
  • She read in bed for a while.
  • Finally,she turned off the lamp,…
  • …lay down…
  • …and fell asleep.
  • laundry /ˈɫɔndri/ 洗衣店,濯
  • nightstand 床头柜

35. Doing laundry 洗衣服

Later today,I’m going to do my laundry.

  • I’ll carry the laundry basket to the laundry room.
  • I’ll take the laundry out of the basket…
  • …and then I’ll sort it by separating dark colors from light.
  • I’ll check the pockets of the pants and shirts…
  • …and take out anything I find in them.
  • Then I’ll put a load of laundry into the washing machine.
  • I’ll adjust the settings on the machine.
  • Then I’ll put in some detergent…
  • …and turn the machine on.
  • The machine will wash,…
  • …rinse…
  • …and spin the laundry.
  • I’ll take the wet clothes out of the machine.
  • I’ll hang some of the laundry out to dry.
  • I’ll put some other laundry into the dryer.
  • The dryer will dry it by heating and tumbling it.
  • Then I’ll take it out of the machine.
  • I’ll fold some of the dry laundry…
  • …and put it into drawers.
  • I’ll iron other things…
  • …and hang them up in the closet.

36. Cleaning the House

In the Living Room

  • Pam picks up things that are lying around.
  • She dusts the furniture家具
  • …and the woodwork.
  • Then she vacuums the carpet 用吸尘器吸地毯.

In the Kitchen

  • Dan cleans the refrigerator/rəˈfrɪdʒɝˌeɪtɝ/
  • …and throws out spoiled food.
  • Pam wipes the countertops台面
  • …and sweeps the floor.

In the Bathroom

  • Dan scrubs擦洗 the toilet with a toilet brush,…
  • …cleans the sink…
  • …and scrubs the bathtub.
  • He washes the mirror on the medicine cabinet药柜.
  • Then he sweeps the floor…
  • and mops it

Taking Out the Trash

  • They bundle old newspapers…
  • …and put empty bottles,cans and jars into bags.

  • They set them out for recycling.
  • Then they empty wastebaskets…
  • …and the kitchen garbage into a big garbage bag…
  • …and take it out to the garbage can.
  • broom 扫帚
  • dustpan 簸箕(灰尘盘子)
  • mop 拖把
  • bucket 桶