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English for Everyday Activities 37-39

37. Taking Care of a Cat

  • To feed his cat,Tom opened a can of cat food…
  • …and put it in the cat’s dish.
  • He put some fresh water in the water dish.
  • He also cleaned the litter box垃圾箱.
  • He petted宠爱 the cat…
  • …and she purred咕噜咕噜 and rubbed against his leg. 她咕噜咕噜地蹭着他的腿。
  • He played with the cat by moving a piece of string细绳
  • …which the cat pounced/ˈpaʊnst/ 猛扑 on.

38. Taking Care of a Dog

  • I called my dog.
  • After he came,I petted him.
  • He wagged his tail…
  • …and barked.
  • I put some dog food in his dish…
  • …and filled his water dish.
  • Later,I clipped夹子 a leash链索 to his collar颈间
  • …and took him out for a walk.
  • After his walk,I threw a stick棍子 for him…
  • …and he fetched it.

39. Taking Care of a Lawn/ˈɫɔn/草地

  • Pam filled her lawn mower’s割草机 gas tank罐 油箱,…
  • …then started the mower by pulling the cord绳子.
  • She mowed the lawn by pushing the mower back and forth.
  • Where the mower couldn’t reach,she trimmed修剪 the grass by hand.
  • She raked up the grass clippings草屑她把草屑耙起来……
  • …and put them on a compost pile堆肥.
  • She spread some grass seed on bare spots在裸露的地方
  • …and then watered the lawn.