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English for Everyday Activities 4-7

4. Getting Dressed - A Man

Tom puts on…

  • …some underwear,内衣,内衣裤
  • …a T-shirt
  • …some socks
  • …some pants 不能说 a pant
  • …adn a shirt

Putting on a Pair of Pants

  • Tom steps into his pants…
  • …then he pulls thems up.
  • He fastens系紧 the waistband腰带
  • …and zips up the fly.
  • He slips a belt through the belt loops…
  • …and buckles it.

Putting on a Shirt

  • Tom slips an arm into each sleeve袖子.
  • He buttons the shirt…
  • …and the cuffs袖口.
  • He straightens拉直 his collar.
  • He tucks his shirt into his pants.
  • snaps: you snap thins together. 你把东西拼凑在一起。
  • laces系上
  • clasp表扣,抱住 钩住 搂抱 挟 拥

5. Getting Dressed - A Woman

Pam puts on…

  • …some panties,
  • …a bra,
  • …a dress,
  • …a blouse衬衫 女衬衫 上衫/a shirt,
  • …a shirt,
  • …some pants,
  • …some socks,
  • …some nylons尼龙(stockings)长袜,
  • …some pantyhose连裤袜.
  • sandals 凉鞋
  • jeans 牛仔布
  • sweatshirt 运动衫
  • skirt 短裙
  • tie 领带

Dressing for Hot Weather

If it’s hot,Pam wears light clothes:

  • …a short-sleeved短的 cotton棉布 shirt…
  • …and a pair of cotton shorts.
  • She goes barefoot赤脚 indoors在室内
  • …and wears sandals outdoors.

Dressing this way keeps her cool.

  • COTTON: a fabric that comes from the cotton plant.来自棉花植物的织物
  • WOOL: a fabric that comes from a sheep.来自羊的布料

Dressing for Cold Weather

If it’s cold,Pam wears heavy clothes:

  • …a long-sleeved shirt,
  • …a wool sweater,
  • …long pants,
  • …and thick厚的 wool socks.
  • Before going outdoors,she puts on a heavy coat外套
  • …and some gloves手套(五个手指的手套) or mittens手套(一个整的手套,看不出五个手指的手套).
  • She wraps a scarf围巾 around her neck…
  • …and puts on a hat…
  • …and some boots长靴.

Dressing this way keeps her warm.

6. Making a Bed

I put a bottom sheet on the mattress床垫:

  • If I have a fitted sheet,I slip it over the mattress.
  • If I have a flat sheet,I tuck it under the mattress.
  • Then I tuck the top sheet under the mattress at the foot of the bed.
  • I pull the top sheet tight,
  • …spread a blanket毯子 over the bed,
  • …and smooth it out.
  • I spread a bedspread床罩 over the bed.
  • I fluff up蓬松起来 the pillows…
  • …and lay them at the head of the bed.
  • I pull the bedspread over the pillows…
  • …and smooth it out.

7. Making Coffee / Making Tea

Making Coffee(with an electric coffee maker)用电动咖啡机

  • Pam scoops some ground coffee into the filter.
  • Then she pours some water into the coffee maker.
  • She turns the the coffee maker on by pressing the switch.
  • The water heats up…
  • …and drips through the ground coffee磨碎的咖啡
  • …and into the coffeepot咖啡壶.

Making Tea

  • Dan boils water in a teakettle.
  • He pours the hot water into a teapot…
  • …and adds some tea leaves.
  • As the tea leaves soak浸泡 in the water…
  • …the water becomes tea.
  • Dan strains the tea.

Then he adds sugar and milk,and stirs搅拌 his tea.

  • strainer 过滤器
  • saucer 碟子,茶托 茶碟 小碟子

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