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English for Everyday Activities 40-42


Planting a Garden

  • Tom will turn the soil with a spade/ˈspeɪd/ 铲子.
  • He’ll plant some seeds…
  • …and cover them with a mound of soil.
  • He’ll plant some seedlings…
  • …and tie them to small stakes木桩.

  • Then he’ll water the garden.

Taking Care of a Garden

  • Tom will weed拔草 the garden.
  • He’ll prune/ˈprun/修剪 extra leaves from some plants
  • He’ll check for harmful insects…
  • …and spray insecticide杀虫剂 on some plants.
  • He’ll put some fertilizer/ˈfɝtəˌɫaɪzɝ/肥料 on the soil.
  • Finally,he’ll pick some flowers for the house.
  • pruning shears 修枝剪

41.Cleaning a Car


  • I wash the windows inside,…
  • …wipe off the dashboard…
  • …and vacuum真空 the floor. ……然后用吸尘器清理地板。


  • I dip浸一下,蘸 a sponge海绵 into soapy肥皂味的 water…

  • …and wash the car with it.
  • To rinse the car,I spray it with water.
  • I dry it with some rags抹布.
  • Then I spread some wax on the car.
  • After it has dried,…
  • …I wipe the wax off…
  • …and buff磨光 the car with a soft cloth.
  • Finally,I wash the windows outside.

42. Taking a Car to a Garage车库 for Repairs

  • I called for an appointment约定 to get my car fixed.
  • I took my car into the garage…
  • …and the mechanic机械师 diagnosed the problem.
  • I asked him for an estimate估计 of the cost.
  • He worked on the engine.
  • When I came back later to pick up the car…
  • …he gave me the bill for the repair.
  • valve 阀门
  • Probably about two fifty. 大概是两百五十块钱
  • That’ll be two ninety-four for parts and labor. 零件和人工费用为$294

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