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English for Everyday Activities 46-48

46. Joining Things with Bolts螺栓/Screws螺丝

To Bolt Things Together

  • You put a bolt through some holes…
  • …put a washer垫圈 onto the bolt…
  • …and then tighten a nut by hand.
  • Then you hold the nut with a pair of pliers/ˈpɫaɪɝz/钳子
  • …and tighten the bolt with a wrench.

To Join Things with Screws

  • You drill a hole for the screw.
  • You put a screwdriver螺丝刀 起子 into the slot on the head of the screw在螺丝头上.
  • You tighten the screw by turning the screwdriver clockwise顺时针.
  • To loosen松开 the screw,you turn it counter-clockwise.
  • counter 相反地

47. Shopping for Groceries杂货

  • Tom gets a shopping cart.
  • Some people use a basket instead of a cart.
  • He checks his shopping list to see what he should buy.
  • In the fresh produce section,he checks the fruit and vegetables by feeling…
  • …and smelling them.
  • He puts some fruit in a plastic bag…
  • …and weighsv.称重 the fruit on a scale尺度 比例 比例尺, 这里可以理解为天平,称.
  • Next, he picks up some fresh meat at the meat counter.
  • Then,at the deli熟食店,he gets some cold cuts一些冷盘
  • …and cheese.
  • He goes through the canned goods aisle过道.
  • He checks the prices on two brands of canned peas豌豆
  • …and chooses the cheaper one.
  • As he shops,he looks for specials.
  • He picks up some toilet paper in the household goods section…
  • …and gets some milk in the dairy section.
  • He tries a free sample of some pizza…
  • …and takes some frozen pizza from the frozen-food case冷冻食品箱中.
  • Finally, he goes to the checkout counter收银台.
  • Grocery /ˈɡroʊsɝi/ 杂货店,食品,副食商店
  • I’ll have four checken breasts胸部,please.
  • Some beef pastrami五香熏牛肉,please. Six slices.
  • And a half pound fo cheddar切达乳酪.

48. Paying for Things

The cashier rings up Tom’s purchases… 收银员记录了汤姆购买的商品……

  • …by scanning bar codes条形码
  • …and pressing keys on the cash register收银机.
  • She tells him the total to pay.

Paying with Cash

  • He takes some money out of his wallet…
  • …and gives it to her.
  • She puts it into the register…
  • …and takes out his change.
  • She counts it out to him…
  • …and gives it to him with his receipt.

Paying by Check

  • He writes out a check.
  • After he signs the check…
  • …the cashier checks his driver’s license as identification.
  • He records the check in his checkbook支票簿.
  • She returns his license and gives him a receipt.

Paying by Credit Card

  • He gives his card to the cashier.
  • She swipes the card through the reader.
  • When the approval code批准代码 comes the payment slip/ˈsɫɪp/ 付款单 is printed.
  • He signs the payment slip.
  • Then she gives him a copy of the slip…
  • …the receipt and his card back.

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