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English for Everyday Activities 49-51

49. Going to a Bank

  • Pual went to the bank.
  • At a counter在柜台,he filled out a deposit/dəˈpɑzɪt/存款 slip.
  • He filled it out by writing his account number, the amounts of his cash and checks,and the total.
  • At the teller window…
  • …he endorsed拥护 合法化 the checks by signing them on the back. 他在支票背面签名以表示认可。
  • Then he gave the teller his diposit.
  • She checked the amounts on the slip,…
  • printed the amount of deposit in his passbook存折
  • …and gave him back his passbook.

50. Using an ATM

  • Kate needed money…
  • …so she went to an ATM in the store.
  • She took her cash card out of her purse钱包.
  • She lined up the magnetic/mæɡˈnɛtɪk/磁性 磁 strip properly… 她把磁条正确地排列起来……
  • …and inserted the card into the slot on the ATM.
  • A message on the screen asked for her PIN…
  • …so she entered her PIN by pressing keys on the keypad.
  • Then she entered the amount of money she needed.
  • The machine returned her card…
  • …and gave her her money.

51. Making a Phone Call

  • Jenny looked up Kate’s phone number in the phone book.
  • She picked up the receiver听筒📞
  • …and heard a dial tone.
  • Then she dialed the number.
  • She heared Kate’s phone ringing.
  • When Kate answered…
  • …Jenny said hello and identified herself.
  • Then she said why she called.
  • Hi,Kate. This is Jenny
  • I’m calling to see whether you’d like to go swimming.

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