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English for Everyday Activities 55-57

55. Using an Answering Machine

  • Tom recorded an outgoing message on his mechine. 汤姆在他的机器上记录了一条外发消息。
  • When Jenny called , she heard the message…
  • …and left her own message for him.
  • When Tom got home,he saw a light showing that he had a message.
  • He pressed the button to play the message.
  • As he listened to it…
  • …he took some notes.
  • Then he erased the message.

56. Writing a Personal Letter

I took out some paper to write to my friend.

  • I wrote the date and a greeting at the top.
  • I apologized for not writing sooner…
  • …and I wrote about what I’d been doing.
  • As I wrote,I re-read her last letter to me.
  • I answered questions she had asked…
  • …and I asked her about herself.
  • Then I wrote a closing…
  • …and signed the letter

57. Mailing a Letter

  • I enclose 附上 围 圈 封入 附寄 some pictures.
  • I fold up my letter…
  • …and put it in the envelop/ɪnˈvɛɫəp/ with the pictures.
  • I write my friend’s address in the middle of the envelop and my return address at the upper left.
  • I seal密封 封 封闭 封口 查封 打印 the envelope.
  • I don’t know how much postage邮资 邮费 I need.So I take the letter to the post office.
  • I stand in line.
  • When it’s my turn…
  • …I go to the window.
  • I ask the clerk书记 营业员 how much postage I need.
  • He asks me how I want the letter to go…
  • …and weighs称重 the letter.
  • I buy enough stamps for the postage.
  • I lick舔 舐 the stamps…
  • …and stick them on the envelope.
  • I put the letter in the mailbox.

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