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English for Everyday Activities 61

61. Eating at a Fast Food Restaurant

  • Jenny stood in line…
  • …and read the menu.
  • At the counter,she ordered her food and a drink.
  • The clerk put the food on Jenny’s tray,and Jenny paid her.
  • Jenny took some paper napkins餐巾 and a straw吸管 from the dispensers/dɪˈspɛnsɝz/ 自动售货机 dispenser.
  • She ate her lunch at her table.
  • Other people got their food to go.
  • When she finished eating,she threw the empty wrappers包装纸 in the trash.
  • I’d like one Big Burger,a small order of fries/ˈfraɪz/薯条,and a medium cola,please.
  • For here or to go?
  • For here,please.

Happy Ending

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