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English for Everyday Activities 8-10

8. Preparing Cold Cereal谷物 / Making Toast

Preparing Cold Cereal

  • Pam pours some cereal from the box into her bowl.
  • She pours in some milk…
  • …and sprinkles some sugar on her cereal.
  • Then she peels a banana,…
  • …slices it…
  • …and puts the slices on her cereal.

Making Toast

  • Dan puts two slices of bread into the toaster.
  • By pressing the starter…
  • …he lowers the bread into the toaster.
  • Hot wires inside the toaster toast the bread.
  • The toast pops up when it’s done.
  • Dan spreads some butter and jam果酱 on his toast.

9. Frying油煎 an Egg

  • There are four burners on Dan’s stove炉灶.
  • He turns on the gas…
  • and one of the burners lights.
  • He puts a frying pan on the burner…
  • and melts some butter in the pan.
  • He cracks an egg into the pan…
  • …and throws the shell into the garbage.
  • The egg fries.
  • Dan flips it over once with a spatula炒菜铲
  • …and then takes it out of the pan.
  • He puts the egg on a plate.
  • burners 火炉
  • the yolk 蛋黄

10. Eating Breakfast

  • Pan and Dan sit down at the table.
  • Pan drinks some coffee from her mug马克杯
  • …and eats some cereal.
  • Dan drinks some tea…
  • …and has an egg with bacon and toast.
  • Sometimes,he dips蘸、浸一下 his toast into the yolk of his egg.
  • As they eat,they read the paper…
  • …and talk a little bit.
  • After eating,they wipe their lips with their napkins餐巾
  • …and leave the table.